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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 26, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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intersection of lawrence expressway near white oak lane. >> here's what we know. pg and e says a female driver of a honda civic hit a gas main igniting the fire and took off. the strip mall was evacuated. one person so far has been sent to the hospital for smoke inhalation. within the past 15 or 20 minutes, this fire has spread next door to the 7-eleven. the expressway now, lawrence is now closed between el camino and monroe. among the businesses in the strip ball, that laundry matt, a lounge and i wiliquor store. >> reporter: this is as close as police would let us get. there's an active firefight happening.
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firefighters are up in the air and on the ground putting water on the fire. ambulances are standing by. lots of interest in the neighborhood here. i talked with one neighbor who did hear an explosion and then saw a lot of flame. you can see from our live -- >> that was jean elle reporting live near the scene at this gas explosion. apparently we have lost her signal. again, she's about two blocks from this area, right at the lawrence expressway and point siena avenue, white oak lane. as we told you, a woman apparently a woman, crashed her honda civic into the strip mall. that ruptured a gas line and now there's a fire in the strip mall. we understand one person has been sent to the hospital with smoke inhalation. we're keeping a close eye on
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this as firefighters try to close down this mall with the fire still going on. we have sent out breaking news alert about the explosion and fire this afternoon. if you want some of those updates on your smartphone, download the nbc bay area app. chilling and graphic moments caught on live tv. a choreographed execution of two journalists. the alleged gunman grew up here in the bay area. >> this evening, his family is reacting to the crime. the victims, 24-year-old alison parker, a reporter at the station, and 27-year-old adam ward, her cameraman. they were in the middle of a live report early this morning when a man walked up and shot and killed them. police say that man once worked at that station with them, but he grew up here in the bay area. tonight, co-workers of the victims are remembering them as "special people that would brighten up a room every morning." >> parker was interviewing with
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woman when shots rang out. this is the broadcast up to the point of the shooting and we have chosen not to show anymore. the suspect, vester flanagan, a former news reporter who also goes by the name of bryce williams. a manhunt for flanagan ended when he look his own life. flanagan is from the bay area. >> we have team coverage for you tonight. plan went to school at san francisco state. we start with jodi hernandez in oakland where flanagan grew up. the family said they are just broken hearted about what happened. >> reporter: jessica, vester flanagan's family is devastated. his father and his sister live right on this street here in vallejo. the family is not talking on camera themselves, but late today a family friend spoke for them. >> it is with heavy hearts and deep sadness we express our
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deepest condolences to the families of alison parker and adam ward. >> reporter: friends of vester flanagan's family say the flanagans are heart broken and want the victim's families to though they're deeply sorry. >> our thoughts at this time are with the victim's families and with wdbj's television station family. >> reporter: she says he can't believe what his former neighbor is accused of doing. he says he lived next door to vester for three years until flanagan told him he got a job in virginia as a news anchor. >> he was a gentle giant. very nice guy. >> i'm devastated. >> reporter: flanagan's childhood friends in oakland are having a huff time dealing with the news, as well. flanagan went to skyline high school. days ago he tweeted out a photo of himself as a teen.
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these two grew up together. >> i don't look at him as a murderer. he did it, he killed himself, but i don't look at him that way. >> reporter: i'll tell you, everyone who lives here on this vallejo street is absolutely stunned. they say the flanagans are a very decent family. again, they say tonight words cannot express the sorrow and hurt that they feel for the victim's families. reporting live, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. vester flanagan studied journalist at san francisco state and even worked for channel 5 here locally. chuck, it must be hard for people there at the university to wrap their heads around what happened. >> reporter: students are genuinely taken aback when we tell them why we are here. no one seems to believe that a
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former student would be involved in such a terrible tragedy played out on live tv. at san francisco state university, where flanagan went to school, the shooting is being discussed as amential health case. >> you just have to watch out. it's definitely becoming a trend that people with mental health issues are deciding the only way to get their message across is to take these grand gestures. >> just anywhere that they can get attention. >> reporter: but 20 years ago when flanagan graduated, he gave professors no warning signs. >> i don't know of any faculty members that could say, i saw this then. i would think if they had seen it they would have done something about it. >> reporter: in the mid '90s, flanagan was a production manager. when he worked at kpx, he was a
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young kid out of journalism school. another co-worker described him as affable always smiling. melissa carlson worked with him in north carolina. >> i remember vester as being a happy guy. we were friends. he anchored the weekend news. i would have never suspected this. >> reporter: he worked at a variety of stations, marked by firings for everything from outbursts to repeated mistakes on air. increasingly, students here are being taught how to handle stress in the workplace. tonight, a makeshift
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memorial is growing in front of that tv station in roanoke. flowers, balloons are outside of wbdj television. follow developments on this story on our nbc bay area app. more trouble for the 49ers. a grand jury indicted former player ray mcdonald for rape and current player ahmad brook for sexual battery. both accused of attacking the same woman on the same night. our chief investigative reporter is in the newsroom with the late details. tony? >> reporter: information came down late this afternoon, a grand jury handed down the indictment today. tonight, one current and one former 49er are facing criminal charges. ray mcdonald was charged today by the district attorney with one count of rape of an intoxicated woman. you're looking at video of mcdonald leaving jail and in court from a domestic violence charge earlier this year.
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the d.a. has also charmed brooks with sexual battery. according to court records, the two assaults took place the same night at the same party with the same woman. the d.a. says the victim played a key role in the grand jury's decision today. according to the d.a.'s office, mcdonald turned himself in earlier this afternoon. he posted a $100,000 bail and will appear in court to face charges next month. the niners released mcdonald shortly after this went public earlier this year. brooks continues to turn himself in soon. earlier this month, you might recall aldon smith arrested for dui and hit and run. the niners also released him. >> it's been two years of turmoil off the field for the 49ers. within the hour, this statement was issued -- we take any charge
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against member of this organization seriously and are in communication with the nfl. brooks is returning home to california and will not plate in saturday's game. the 49ers are getting ready for this weekend's preseason game. a new case of dog abuse on the peninsula. you may have seen the video. it can be disturbing to watch. prosecutors told us they decided to charge the woman you see here in the video with animal cruelty. watch. it shows the woman picking up that small dog and slams it to the ground and hitting it. the woman owns a dog sitting service. after seeing the video, workers from the spca and humane society went to the woman's home and seized 11 dogs. she's set to appear in court tomorrow. the dog you see there is said to be okay and back with owners. tonight, san francisco's police chief is trying to ease fears after a tourist was robbed
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and shot near one of the city's most iconic spots. the shooting was yesterday near the crooked street, a portion of lumbard street in russian hill. two men, both from san francisco, are accused of taking a tourist's camera, then shooting him when he tried to get it back. the victim, visiting from t thailand is expected to make a full recovery. >> we're attacking gun violence in san francisco. we're better than half what we were in 2007 and 2008. homicides were half of what they were. but again, we can be better. >> the chief says property and auto theft cases are on the rise but 200 additional officer also be patrols next year. right now in the south bay a mopup operation is under way in east san jose.
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looking at firefighters dousing the roof right there with water. the block of dense housing is located just off story road just a few blocks east of king. fire department says almost immediately it called two alarms on the fire because you see the houses are close together. so far no word on what's caused the initial house fire. we're following our breaking news. we've been following this for 90 minutes now. this fire caused by a gas close after a woman hit a gas meter off of lawrence expressway in santa clara. that strip mall has been gutted. the humble comments made by this man and what he had to say after he helped stop a suspected terrorist. this could change the case dramatically. the new testimony making waves in the trial of the undocumented immigrant accused of killing kate steinle.
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i'm scott budman at pix pixarheadquarters. and i'm jeff ranieri. we are tracking a storm system just offshore. we'll have details on when the best chances of showers will be in a few minutes.
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a new season brings a new look. a chance to try something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. take advantage of our summer offers. get this low mileage lease on select ats models, in stock the longest, for around 269 per month. let's take you back out to santa clara. i want to show you a live
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picture of that gas explosion at a strip mall that happened right before 4:00. burned out several businesses in that strip ball including the abc coin laundry, a lounge, kp liquor. it all unfolded right before 4:00. this is what we know. a woman who was in a civic, hit a gas main, this is according to pg&e and that ignited the fire. the woman then took off. they had to evacuate that strip mall. one person was taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation. there is a massive traffic backup right now. a lot of roads are closed, including the lawrence expressway between el camino and monroe. now, right now at this pour, crews are trying to turn you have the gas line, and obviously until they do that, that fire
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will continue to fuel. the gas service in the surrounded area hasn't been impacted. there are lots of apartments this that area. one person being treated for smoke inhalation. we'll continue to monitor the situation. this could change the case. new information in the shooting of kate steinle near san francisco's ferry building. the bullet that killed her might have ricocheted off the ground. christy smith is in san francisco this evening. this could help the defense suggesting that this was all an accidental shooting. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. outside of the courtroom, defense attorney said that the expert testimony they heard today supports their theory on what happened to kate steinle in her shooting death, that it was the accidental discharge of a weapon. no cameras were allowed in the san francisco courtroom today. three experts testified, including a member of the city's medical examine's office.
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each talks about the gun used in the shooting. steinle's wounds and marks on the bullet appear to show it may have ricocheted off the ground before hitting her in the back. defense attorneys say that shows that the gun may have accidentally went off. but prosecutors stand by their decision to charge sanchez with murder. >> the evidence that the court heard today confirms what we've been saying since the beginning of this case, that this appears to have been a death that resulted from the accidental discharge of a firearm. the bullet in this case appears to have hit the concrete surface of the peer, and traveled an entire distance from where mr. sanchez is believed to have been seated. >> based on the evidence, we
6:19 pm
believe the charging decision is proper and the defendant has been charged with that murder for a reason. >> reporter: lopez sanchez is undocumented and has been deported repeatedly, sparking criticism over sanctuary city policies. that hearing continues here in san francisco tomorrow morning. reporting live, christy smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. he's soft spoken, a bit shy in public but a hero nonetheless. anthony sadler, one of three americans credited with taking down a terrorist in paris, was back in san francisco today. >> reporter: a modest anthony sadler didn't say much in today's news conference, but the city of sacramento wanted to recognize him for his courage and bravery. >> this is my home, and i'm just glad to be back here to see everybody. kind of overwhelming for me. i didn't expect all this to
6:20 pm
happen. >> reporter: 23-year-old sadler is a senior at college. he and his friends were on vacation when they took down a terror suspect on a train in france last friday. today he was phrased for his heroism but also provided a funny moment. >> all the pictures of you over in europe, you had a laker jersey on. >> i ain't perfect. >> so -- yeah, now he's got a king's jersey. he wants to be a sports doctor for the nba. as for his two friends, both u.s. soldiers, are still resting and recovering at an air force base in germany. jessica, raj? >> very nice. mayor kevin johnson, a former cal basketball star. so basketball close to his
6:21 pm
heart. let's get to our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri as he head towards the wmd. >> a beautiful shot here from our camera network. we have some fog but not extremely thick. the most blue sky was up here in sonoma county. as we go down to san francisco, you can see a few streams of clouds right now but nothing in the way of thick fog. down through the south bay, we had some monsoonal moisture move in. you can see some of the high clouds across mount hamilton, increasing humidity today. tomorrow, it will get a few degrees hotter. we think the average here in the north bay will be at 94 degrees. san francisco up to 77. tri-valley 98 and south bay 93. we've been mentioning the changes in the forecast throughout this week. most notably by sunday, numbers cool down, anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees. south bay at 85. tri-valley down to 83. and then notice this.
6:22 pm
it's not much, but a slight chance here, a few drops in san francisco and the north way. talking about trace mounts to maybe 0.03 of an inch. tropical storm erica, winds at 45 miles per hour. this system will be moving over the bahamas by saturday and sunday. and then check this out. by next monday, we could be looking at a landfall between ft. lauderdale and daytona beach as a category 1 hurricane. track more on that forecast at still ahead, a new option for local jet setters. the big announcement made and why it could mean millions for the city. >> you can have a pizza delivered to your doorstep and now beer. a new service that promises liquor within the hour. [female announcer] if the most challenging part of your day
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after six days, finally a huge rally on wall street today. the dow up 619 points, ending a losing streak that had many investors nervous. the nasdaq and s&p each up about 4%. if you ever wanted to make a movie, say a pixar movie, beginning tomorrow the bay area studio, the legendary bay area studio, is putting some jet -- some secrets online to help others line. >> reporter: pixar movies have
6:26 pm
long been big hits, but with a little "how did they do that" mystery behind them. pixar in a box where the bay area movie studio works with online educator khan academy to teach you online animation. >> it hopefully explains a lot of this material in a median that helps these students. >> what goes on at pixar is very complicated, but the way you get there is learning one thing one step at a time. >> we animate by moving virtual digital models. >> reporter: it not only pulls the curtain back but might inspire the next generation of
6:27 pm
computer animators. >> we really can't tell what we're going to need to know in 10 or 15 years. >> reporter: but it will probably start with something like this. it's kind of interesting. they're sort of giving away part of the store for free, admitting we want to teach the next generation. all those videos go online tomorrow, all free. >> you lost us as linear something. >> out there is the next computer animation that understands. >> pixar, we can learn tomorrow. let's take you back outside again. we want to show you this. this is an explosion that happened at a strip mall in santa clara. firefighters are still on the scene. we'll take you there live in a moment. we're learning more about the bay area, a man police say shot and killed a news crew during a live broadcast this
6:28 pm
morning. i'm jodi hernandez with reaction from the suspect's family. the city of san jose finally made it through a fight over benefits and costs for firefighters. but what about other city workers? why other employee works say they also deserve attention and respect. onur eakinne inantcla.a fe,par.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
want to get back to breaking news now in santa clara. we've been following this since
6:31 pm
our 5:00 news cast. this fire down below in the strip mall sparked by a gas explosion. not only a fire scene here, but a crime scene, because around 4:00 this afternoon, a woman hit the gas meter, sparking this fire. she then fled the scene. so there's a search for her tonight, as well. this is at the intersection of lawrence expressway and parts of lawrence are closed at this hour. jean elle joins us from the scene. a lot of people coming home, a lot of neighborhoods wondering why are the streets closed? >> reporter: that's right. people are having a hard time getting home tonight. this fire started more than two hours ago and crews are still here. take a look. it's still a very active scene. you can see smoke pouring out of that strip mall that's now nearly completely burned. lots of smoke still coming out of the building. flames still appearing, firefighters are still pouring water on this building. this happened around 4:00 when a woman drove her white honda
6:32 pm
accord into the gas main man fold at the strip mall. that accident triggered a fire. witnesses say they heard an explosion and santa clara police say that driver took off. as the driver fled, the fire took off inside the strip mall. police evacuated quickly. one woman was taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation, and then i think we have chopper video we can show you. you can see the strip mall is just a shell. most of the mall is burned. two restaurants, one bar, a laundry mat, a liquor store. now nothing more than walls as firefighters continue to get this fire out. pg&e is here working on shutting off the gas main. traffic on lawrence expressway is a mess on wolf road. so frustration for drivers tonight and scary moments here in this neighborhood as the explosion and fire rips through
6:33 pm
a neighborhood strip mall. >> thank you, jean. let's take you to the other top story. a chilling attack that unfolded on live tv. a gunman shot and killed a tv news reporter as cameraman as that you were broadcasting. that shooting sparked a massive manhunt that ended when the suspect, a former employee of the tv station, took his own life. we have team coverage on this for you. jodi hernandez is live in oakland where the gunman is from and where he grew up. but we begin with dave wagner in moneta, virginia. >> reporter: just 14 1/2 hours after those shootings here, it's a sad and surreal scene after a moment was captured on the morning news. it was a violent end to a shocking moment of horror, played out on live tv. two journalists in the middle of a live interview, shot and
6:34 pm
killed as viewers watched. this is the broadcast right up to the point of the shooting. the 24-year-old reporter, alison parker, and 27-year-old photographer adam ward, are dead. the woman being interviewed, seriously wounded. as the photographer fell, his camera captured the killer's image. vester flanagan, a former reporter who went by the name of bryce williams. flanagan had been fired and filed a complaint of discrimination. >> vester was not a happy man. after this incidents of his anger coming to the fore, he dismissed him. and he did not take that well. >> reporter: according to authorities, flanagan used his own video camera to capture the killing and then posted that video to facebook. investigators say he was live tweeting derogatory remarks about the victims.
6:35 pm
>> evidently something snapped. i don't know. >> reporter: late this afternoon, police spotted the suspect's car in northern virginia on i-66. >> he the trooper approached the vehicle, she found flanagan suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> reporter: families and co-workers mourn. >> they brighten up a room every morning. >> reporter: two people gunned down early in the prime of their life. the head of the local chamber of commerce, who was injured this morning, vickie garner, remains hospitalized but is expected to be okay. >> let's take you live to vallejo with jodi hernandez. we understand that his family, the suspect's family, lives there and they have put out a statement extending their condolences to everyone.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: that's right. folks here in vallejo are absolutely stunned. the flanagan family, as you mentioned, lives right here in this neighborhood. tonight, they're sharing their heartbreak. >> it is with heavy hearts and deep sadness we express our deepest condolences to the families of alison parker and adam ward. >> reporter: friends of vester flanagan's family say the th flanagans are heart broken. >> our thoughts and prayers at this time are with the victim's families. >> i would never expect him to do something like that. >> reporter: he says he can't believe what his former neighbor is accused of doing. he knew vester and says he lived next door to him for three years until flanagan told him he got a job in virginia as a news anchor. >> he was a gentle giant. very nice guy. >> i'm just shocked.
6:37 pm
devastated. >> reporter: flanagan's childhood friends are having a tough time dealing with the news as well. vester flanagan went to skyline high school. just days ago he tweeted out a picture of himself as a teen. back in oakland, neighbors say he's from a great family and his dad is a key part of the community neighborhood watch. >> i don't look at him as a murderer. he really did it and killed himself, but i don't look at it that way. >> community values. this area here, he went out of his way to make sure that this -- the community was safe and people were aware of one another's property. >> reporter: again, the flanagans are not talking on camera right now, but in a written statement they said words cannot describe the hurt they are feeling for the victim's families. reporting live, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news.
6:38 pm
>> it's an emotional story for all of us. new at 6:00, a new issue is now jeopardizing the landmark deal between san jose and its police and firefighters. the city has nine more unions to make deals with. robert honda joins us from the san jose library. robert, it's under construction where you are. this is a notable location as the saga plays out. >> reporter: that's right. san jose will begin talks with the other nine bargaining units on monday, including several that also filed lawsuits with the cops and firefighters. that means some of the problems will be painfully familiar. the village square branch library opens in march of next year, but the senior architect says capital projects are getting delayed because of a shortage of specialized workers. he says he hopes the city can solve differences.
6:39 pm
>> i think the mantra was, the city of san jose, employer of choice. unfortunately in the recent years, it may have changed to employer of last resort. >> reporter: the city audit shows about 600 workers bailed because of pay and benefit cuts. the mayor acknowledges the dire situation. >> it can affect us in small ways and major base. -- major ways. >> reporter: the talks could get dicey. the nine groups negotiated wages before pensions and even though workers don't begrudge the police's 13% raise, they'll all want pay issues revisited sooner or later. >> we'll be looking at that to make decisions to come to san jose to make a career or not. >> reporter: one other thorn on monday, some parts of the celebrated police and fire agreement may have to go back before voters if the city can't make deals with the other group.
6:40 pm
live in san jose, robert honda, nbc bay area news. >> when we return, we'll give you an update on the fire and explosion in santa clara. this is right off of lawrence expressway. streets remain closed at this hour. stay with us. === leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less
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t t i want to get back to the breaking news we've been following. this is in santa clara. a fire sparked by a gas explosion. it started around 4:00 near the intersection of lawrence expressway and point siena drive. they're still looking for the woman who hit the gas meter and took off from the scene. that's what triggered this fire. she was driving a white honda
6:43 pm
accord. the streets in this area, in santa clara around lawrence expressway, remain closed and pg&e might be shutting off the gas in the area. what you're looking at, what's being burned there and gutted is a strip mall within the neighborhood. so a lot of people are unable to get to their homes because of the traffic jams and surrounding streets being closed. we continue to update the story on the television side and on our app and tweeter and facebook page. we are thrilled to be able to say to our many residents and business customers that we are receiving roe ining london with airways. >> he arrived at the airport today in a black london taxi that you can see there. the mayor estimates the financial impact for san jose at
6:44 pm
$100 million. service begins in may of next year and it will save people a lot of time for having to drive to san francisco. >> so let's test out the flight. nonstop. >> it's a business expense. >> i like it. let's get you outside right now. if you're doing any fly tonight, the good news, no delays from the fog. i have your full weekend forecast in just a few minutes. claingicty. s'al auta ag.=je//t=
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
some local veterans are claiming victory this evening. it's all about a flag. >> they spent months fighting to have the p.o.w. flag displayed at san jose city hall year round. >> reporter: it flies majestically. in san jose, this is the new permanent home for the new
6:47 pm
p.o.w./m.i.a. flag. >> it looks very nice. we're very pleased to see it. >> reporter: in the past, the flag few only a few days out of the year at city hall. so fran began his latest battle, the vietnam veteran spent the last few months trying to convince city leaders to fly the flag 365 days a year. and the city listened, led by councilwoman rose herrera, herself a veteran. >> those who served and went missing didn't do it for one or two years or five days annually. it's 365 days. >> reporter: the flag honors service members. to this day, he's still listed as missing in action in vietnam. >> it comes with a guarantee that should you become a prisoner of war, go missing in action or be declared killed in action, you will not be forgotten until there's a proper
6:48 pm
accounting. and this flag symbolizes that commitment. >> reporter: now fran is on to the next battlefield. the former navy pilot is now calling on leaders to raise the flag at the county government building. >> so the battle goes on. that was damian trujillo reporting for us. >> let's bring in jeff ranieri with our microclimate forecast. >> a little humid outside right now. we had a stream of clouds move in with this moisture, but no rainfall. you can see right now, 88 degrees in the south bay. 75 for your average in the peninsula. east bay, some clouds are moving through. 75 right now throughout the weather underground view here of the oakland hills and back towards the north bay, some of the bluest skies have been in sonoma county. let's get you the morning forecast. low clouds to contend with, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 in the morning. but not completely fogged in
6:49 pm
across the bay area. 58 in the north bay. mild in the east bay at 66. 63 for the south bay. high pressure that brought some of the humidity and those high clouds we showed you is well over the four corners, expected to stay there. so not looking at storms for tomorrow with. that area of high pressure so close, a lot of that heat will push into the interior valleys. that's why we think for thursday we'll have hotter temperatures and also that humidity staying in the forecast. let's bring you into the microclimate numbers throughout tomorrow. you'll be able to see here in the south bay, san jose at 91. mainly sunny skies, beautiful day there. but down to morgan hill, just 15, 20 minutes away, also into gilroy, it is going to get hotter. 96 degrees tomorrow. 74 in pacifica. palo alto at 87. san francisco going up to 78 degrees. the mission, 73 for the marina. notice the tri-valley right down
6:50 pm
here in danville, that's their hottest temperature at 99 degrees. livermore at 98. east bay, temperatures above average in oakland at 83. walnut creek expected at 97. this saturday, tracking a storm system. it is so far to the north, though, that any kind of major rain chances will stay well up into canada, washington and oregon. for us getting grazed by the bottom edge will bring us a few raindrops, trace amounts to maybe about 0.03 of an inch, if we get anything all. so for the weekend forecast, we expect that hot weather all the way through friday. throughout saturday, about a ten degree drop in temperatures. the best chance showers down here. up next, the 49ers suiting up for joint practices in denver. but one key member as been sent
6:51 pm
home. more legal troubles. gerard moncure is next. hey terry stop! they have a special!
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gerard moncure here in the studios. the 49ers getting out of the peninsula for a little rocky mountain high, matching up against the broncos in englewood, colorado, for two days of joint workouts before saturday's exhibition game. there's no practice experience better than facing another team's defense. like colin kaepernick was able to do today. and the defense getting up close and personal with peyton
6:54 pm
manning. they picked him off once. >> you get different looks from a different defense. you use different players that you don't know their tendencies. you don't know what their disguises look like, things like that. so the opportunity comes to hone in on what you want to get done. >> as we mentioned early, ahmad brooks not active due to his indictment of one count of misdemeanor sexual battery. now to the giants. buster posey taking the time for a surprise visit to a san francisco school, hosting a personal baseball and softball clinic. here's mindy balk with more. >> reporter: the importance of hydration is what brought buster posey here to this school in san francisco. he wanted the students to know what he and the giants have come to understand about proper hydration. >> this year has probably been the biggest year we've focused
6:55 pm
on hydration as a team. just our training staff has done a ton of research and how imperative it is to be hydrated before you play. >> reporter: the national league batting champion took a few moments to offer hitting tips to members of the softball and baseball teams. then it was time to take the message to the entire student body. a handful of students were allowed to ask questions or make a request. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: with that hard work, posey hopes these students remember to hydrate. in san francisco, mindy bach, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. brandon crawford is going to sit
6:56 pm
out tonight due to left oblique tightness but angel pagan will most likely will back in the lineup tomorrow. the a's lost to the mariners 8-2. back to you guys. >> thank you. it's been going now for three hours. firefighters are still here in santa clara on the scene of this gas explosion and fire that gutted this strip mall. it is gutted at this point. pg&e is working on turning the gas off. lots of apartment buildings are right near this. it started when a woman in a honda civic crashed into the mall, rupturing a gas line, causing the explosion. the woman ran from the scene and hasn't been found yet. firefighters say it's going to be a long night. more tonight at 11:00. ngwhe hda cor.. ree rein
6:57 pm
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terror on live tv. the secret past of the roanoke shooter now on extra. before he murdered his rival reporter and recorded it on his cell phone, news reporter by day, escort by night. his facebook confession about the attack and the warning signs. >> crime watch daily is here. it looks like this was a revenge mission? >> he had a history of grudges and had sued for discrimination. >> plus reporter alison parker and photographer. what he was planned to do the day he died. then -- >> sit down. >> who was the man who tickled the tiger?


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